The next generation of business banking. Holvi is a business account designed and built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. More than a service built on outdated systems, more than personal banking with the word “business” tacked on. Holvi account has everything your business needs, in one easy to use solution.

Everything your business needs

Why should a business account be just an account? With Holvi, it’s not. You get all sorts of integrated features that actually help you run your business as well as a secure place to store money and a debit card. You’ll never have to spend time syncing information between different systems as it’s all in one place. Store money safely, send invoices with just few clicks, start online sales, save and record receipts with a single tap and everything else your business needs. In one easy to use solution.
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Paperless bookkeeping

With Holvi, paperless bookkeeping features are integrated within your bank account for the first time and many tasks are now automated. No more sorting through boxes of receipts, you can save them with a single tap in the Holvi mobile app, as well as all the other bookkeeping material. Holvi account also makes automated bookkeeping reports like VAT-report and general ledger. Let Holvi help with bookkeeping and concentrate on things that matter!

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Easier invoicing

Forget about inefficient invoicing and start sending them with only few clicks with the Holvi invoicing tool. Tracking your invoices has never been easier either. For the first time, it is integrated with your account so you can be notified as soon as your invoices are paid or become overdue. Integration also means that manual reconciliation between your bank account and invoices is no longer necessary. Your records are automatically updated when your invoices are paid.

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Your stylish online store

These days invoicing is often not enough. With Holvi you can set up an online store in just a few clicks, no expensive software or coding skills necessary, to help you sell your products or services. It’s super convenient for you and your customers and fully integrated with your business account and bookkeeping. Sales are tracked and recorded automatically so you can focus on getting more, rather than copying the details of previous sales into accounting software.

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Complete Account

The best account for your full-time business.

€ 18,00 / Month


Get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and how Holvi changed the way they are doing business.

Mark Roberts

Backpacking North

I mostly use the store services, although the ability to send invoices easily is also handy for any consultancy work I carry out. Every email I get from Holvi seems to introduce new functionality or improvements.

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Tom Vaillant

Filmmaker and adventurer

I think having a platform like Holvi can solve a lot of problems for an entrepreneur. It allows you to keep track of your company’s expenses, be organised on the financial side of things, stay in control and be able to access all this information very easily.

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