Makers and Doers use Holvi. Meet the Holvi users – the Makers and Doers. We’re proud to say that Holvi is helping some of the most innovative businesses and awesomely creative grow. And we’re even more proud when those people say nice things about us.

Sid Kumpurinne and Ilmari Mansikkamäki

Secret Synapse Design Agency

Holvi allows us to easily manage our financial operations. It’s great that invoicing tool is integrated into the online banking service, which makes it very convenient to follow the payment status of invoices. Traditional banks don’t provide the features that Holvi has.

Marianne Vikkula

Slush: Startup conference

Holvi made it possible to run everything in one platform, from money management to ticket sales.
Slush manages our day to day business tasks straight from the Holvi account.

Sakari Kitunen

Kaira Clothing

Holvi has become the platform for all our financial activities and it saves an incredible amount of time!
We use Holvi to sell our products online. We also use Holvi to send invoices to the retailers we work with, and, of course, for our banking needs.


Lille-lle design

Holvi has allowed me to sustain my creative work and do what I like for a living.
I don't do this for money. I love the process of creating new illustrations on paper and then see them coming alive as prints.

Lauri Ahonen

Serial Entrepreneur

The thing I love most about Holvi is that it shows how much VAT and actual money I have in my account, which none of my other banking systems does. Holvi is the only place that lets me easily know how much money I really have.

Complete Account

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Oded Peled

Misc Management & Observe

I needed something that was simple to build, inexpensive and has the necessary tools to follow the financial side of a project of this scale.
I realised right away that Holvi is made ‘by the people for the people’ which is what I love most about it.

Rose Wilson and Christian Zeiler


We have been using Holvi since the very early days of our startup. It serves well our current needs and it’s very easy to use. For us, Holvi business current account has very simple and basic accounting tools to keep track of our overall balance.

Mark Roberts

Backpacking North

I mostly use the store services, although the ability to send invoices easily is also handy for any consultancy work I carry out. Every email I get from Holvi seems to introduce new functionality or improvements.

Camilla Tuominen

Emotion Tracker

It only took a few minutes to set up the online store built-in a Holvi account and no initial investment was needed, the startup was able to easily get their online store up and running and start immediately validating the assumptions with their first customers.

Tom Vaillant

Filmmaker and adventurer

I think having a platform like Holvi can solve a lot of problems for an entrepreneur. It allows you to keep track of your company’s expenses, be organised on the financial side of things, stay in control and be able to access all this information very easily.

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Juha Heikkinen

Musician, host and entrepreneur

The best part is how simple it is to create and run an online store through a Holvi business current account. It’s super easy to use. Plus, Holvi’s customer support is amazing.

Satu Tuominen

Yoga Teacher and studio owner

Holvi works perfectly for me. The major plus of Holvi is its great customer support.

Henrietta Kekäläinen


One of the main benefits was that I never had to visit anywhere. Everything could be done online, from money management, to registration and ticket sales. In one service!

Arttu Piipponen

Ilvesveikot Scout Association

Holvi made collecting registrations and payments from the 160 groups participating in the scouting competition Hiipivä Haamu easy.

Satu Suuronen

Rails Girls

Managing events finances with Holvi has been really easy. You can send invoices, pay the bills, reimburse expenses and follow the financial situation in real time – all in one system.