No queues, no branches.


Your bank account should be more than just a list of transactions. We have built the world’s first digital current account that combines e-commerce, invoicing and financial reporting all under the same roof. Say hello to the Holvi account!

Holvi is making payments and safeguarding cash, the essence of banking, happen almost as an afterthought in the background. The Economist

A Finnish start-up, Holvi, is targeting banks in another central activity: accounts. The Financial Times

Biggest thing to come out of Finland since Nokia. Forbes

One of Europe's 10 hottest startups. Wired UK Europe's 100 Hottest Startups List

Holvi plans to attack traditional bank accounts with a super simple service which also gives the account holder a tonne of tools traditionally offered by online accountancy services. TechCrunch

It's a pretty bold idea. GigaOm

Holvi is not a traditional bank. We operate as a payment institution authorised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland (FIN-FSA). We have the right to operations across the EU under the Payment Service Directive. We manage your money in segregated accounts on your behalf. Your money is your money, and managed separate from our company funds.

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