Relax and get on with the good stuff. Your Holvi account automates a lot of tedious manual tasks allowing you to focus on building a brilliant business. Everything your business needs in one easy to use solution.

Holvi business account

Holvi is built for starting, running and growing a business and it is stuffed full of features to help you do this. Invoicing and bookkeeping tools are included free and IBAN functionality lets you make transfers around Europe with just a few clicks.

Holvi’s business current account has all the payment features of a traditional bank account: store money safely, make bank transfers with just a few clicks and easy to use online interface. Holvi account also has everything you need for running your business built in, from invoicing to paperless bookkeeping capabilities.

Plus, with clear and simple pricing, you’ll never be stung by unexpected fees. This is no one-size fits all account based on outdated banking models. This is modern, this is powerful, and this is made for you.

Unlock even more with Holvi Pro

Open a Pro account and on top of all the regular features, you’ll also get a Holvi Business Mastercard, 50 free bank transfers per month and cheaper online store commissions.

Holvi Business Mastercard®

Make your life receiptless instantly! Your Holvi card is seamlessly connected to your Holvi mobile app. Get real-time notifications on all purchases, save receipts with one tap and have all your transactions easily categorised for your bookkeeping.

The real-time notifications also give you added security, letting you know instantly if someone else is trying to use your card.

The power of connectedness

You’ll have access to one of the most powerful global financial networks. Rest assured knowing you can use your card anywhere online, in-store and throughout the world.

Your Holvi Business Mastercard card is only available with a Holvi Pro account along with 50 free bank transfers per month and cheaper online store commissions.

Business Apps: invoicing & online store

These days, a business current account just isn’t enough. Entrepreneurs also need easier ways to create invoices and sell their products and services online. That’s why Holvi comes with apps that let you do just that.

Save time with easy invoicing

Creating your invoices with Holvi couldn’t be easier. All your details are automatically added in so you can have a professional document ready in just two minutes. Then send it directly to your customer’s email with just a few clicks. There’s an option to print your invoices too if you need to send by post.

This is all connected with your account and your bookkeeping. At a glimpse, you can see which invoices have been paid and those payments are automatically recorded for your bookkeeping.

Instant setup for selling online

Setting up an online store is traditionally a big hassle and often quite expensive. But your Holvi account includes a built-in online store app that lets you start selling in minutes. No special IT skills are necessary.

Your store offers an unrivalled and streamlined shopping experience for your customers. And, like with everything else at Holvi, it is connected to the rest of your account, allowing automated record keeping. Plus, you can quickly see all your orders and customer information (allowing easier customer resource management). This is all included with no fixed cost.


Paperless bookkeeping

With built-in paperless bookkeeping features Holvi business current account can automate a lot of manual tasks instead of using valuable time and resources on it. Holvi makes bookkeeping easier, so you and your accountant can concentrate on the things that matter.

Everything in one place

Holvi records easily all receipts and other bookkeeping material. With Holvi’s mobile app you can upload receipts and paid invoices with just a few clicks. All send invoices and online store sales are automatically recorded for bookkeeping purposes.

Besides recording the needed bookkeeping material and proofs, Holvi account also makes automated reports from them. You can easily do formal bookkeeping from such automated reports like general ledger and accounting journal. And no more annoying VAT report building. Holvi automates VAT reports for you, making it a breeze.

Take back your time

With a Holvi account, you or your accountant can focus on more meaningful work rather than sifting through bank statements, invoices and all that hassle.

Mobile app

Constantly on the move? Holvi keeps up with you. The easy-to-use Holvi mobile app gives you all the business account features in a beautiful mobile interface. Check your balance wherever you are, send invoices between meetings, and track transactions as you go.

A few extra tricks

The app also gives you easy pin-code access to your account data and real time notifications. You’re always and instantly up to date with your finances, giving you greater control and added security. You can also save and record your receipts with a single tap so there’s no more collecting and storing pieces of paper.

Get to know your fellow entrepreneurs and how Holvi changed the way they are doing business.

Satu Tuominen

Yoga Teacher and studio owner

Holvi works perfectly for me. The major plus of Holvi is its great customer support.

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Camilla Tuominen

Emotion Tracker

It only took a few minutes to set up the online store built-in a Holvi account and no initial investment was needed, the startup was able to easily get their online store up and running and start immediately validating the assumptions with their first customers.

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