Focus on doing what you love. Spend less time on admin with these easy finance tools.


Tools to collect money

Getting paid should be the easy part but recording sales and invoicing can be time consuming. These tools are designed to free up your time.

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Tools to manage money

Your money is always secure and you can quickly and accurately record expenses with our money management tools.

Business current account
Holvi Business Mastercard®

All-in-one service
No more jumping between and juggling different websites, apps and software. Everything is in one place, the Holvi business current account view. Make and receive payments, create and track invoices, record expenses, sell online and more.

Everything works together with your Holvi account, with notifications to keep you up-to-date. Your business’ money is secure, you’ll have greater control and you’ll understand your cash flow better. You can also ask from our customer support about Holvi friendly accounting companies.

You can read more about using Holvi in our Help Center

Sid Kumpurinne and Ilmari Mansikkamäki

Secret Synapse Design Agency

Holvi allows us to easily manage our financial operations. It’s great that invoicing tool is integrated into the online banking service, which makes it very convenient to follow the payment status of invoices. Traditional banks don’t provide the features that Holvi has.

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