Business Banking App

Less hassle with admin. Everything from banking to expense management on the go.

Business Banking App

Save time in bookkeeping

1) Your Holvi mobile app works with the payment card.

2) Save receipts digitally with only one tap.

3) Share documents with your bookkeeper.

Be secure!

1) Get instant notifications for purchases.

2) Choose where your card can used.

3) You can block the card on the go.

Rose Wilson and Christian Zeiler


We have been using Holvi since the very early days of our startup. It serves well our current needs and it’s very easy to use. For us, Holvi business current account has very simple and basic accounting tools to keep track of our overall balance.


Mobile banking

Safe, secure and easy to use.

You can access your Holvi current account fast with your mobile phone and handle all your banking needs on the go! With the easy to use interface, you don’t spend unnecessary time on handling your money.

Instant notifications

Be always informed.

The attached Holvi Business Mastercard works with the Holvi mobile app, giving you complete control over your business current account. Instant notifications will tell you when your card is being used so you’re always on top of the situation.

Paperless bookkeeping

Archive all receipts with just a few clicks.

When making a payment with your Holvi Business Mastercard, you’ll be notified and you can attach a picture with one click. Everything is saved for bookkeeping quickly and easily, giving you back your time. You can then choose to categorise your transaction and add the right VAT.

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