Holvi Business Mastercard

Focus on doing what you love, not recording receipts. Expenses are a breeze with Holvi Business Mastercard®.

Holvi Business Mastercard

Save time in bookkeeping

1) Your card works with the Holvi mobile app.

2) Save receipts digitally with only one tap.

3) Share documents with your bookkeeper.

Be secure!

1) Get instant notifications for purchases.

2) You can block the card from your phone.

Lauri Ahonen

Serial Entrepreneur

The thing I love most about Holvi is that it shows how much VAT and actual money I have in my account, which none of my other banking systems does. Holvi is the only place that lets me easily know how much money I really have.


Works globally

Efficient expense management anywhere you go.

Spend money in-store or online from your Holvi business current account using your Holvi Mastercard. Holvi’s payment card works in Mastercard’s network so you can use your card anywhere all over the world. You can also make purchases in different currencies and withdraw money from an ATM.

Mobile app & Instant notifications

Be always informed.

Your Holvi Business Mastercard works with the Holvi mobile app, giving you complete control over your business current account. Instant notifications will tell you when your card is being used so you’re always on top of the situation. Control the card through the app, blocking and unblocking it, check the PIN and easily see transaction history.

Paperless bookkeeping

Archive all receipts with just a few clicks.

When making a payment with your Holvi Business Mastercard, you’ll be notified and you can attach a picture with one click. Everything is saved for bookkeeping quickly and easily, giving you back your time. You can then choose to categorise your transaction and add the right VAT.

Comes with a business account

The business current account for entrepreneurs.

Along with a payment card, Holvi also gives you a business current account that follows the European wide IBAN-standard. Your account has all the payment features of a traditional bank account so all your regular payments can be made with no problem.

Get your business current account and
attached Holvi Business Mastercard now


The card comes with the Pro subscription to Holvi Business Current account, so in order to get the card, you need to pay the monthly Pro subscription of 8€. Making purchases with the card is free, but when withdrawing cash and paying in foreign currency, there is a small fee.

Holvi Business Mastercard
Payments in store & online


Monthly fee

8€ (for the attached current account)

Withdrawing cash at ATM

2€ + 1%

Foreign currency exchange fee



How to use

Find out how to use Holvi with our Help Centre.
Or contact us via email: support@holvi.com
or via phone:
Austria: +43 720 116 270
Germany: +49 30 568 37032
Finland: +358 75 325 2935