Focus on doing what you love, not on invoicing. Save needless hassle and time with Holvi.


Save time and effort

1) Invoices sent with just a few clicks.

2) Company and payment details automatically filed.

3) Invoices automatically saved for bookkeeping.

4) You can also easily send e-invoices!

Keep on top of things!

1) Automated payment tracking.

2) Instant notifications keep you in the know.

Sid Kumpurinne and Ilmari Mansikkamäki

Secret Synapse Design Agency

Holvi allows us to easily manage our financial operations. It’s great that invoicing tool is integrated into the online banking service, which makes it very convenient to follow the payment status of invoices. Traditional banks don’t provide the features that Holvi has.

Sign up to Holvi and reduce hassle with invoices


Invoice in a few clicks

Holvi does the hard work and automatically generates most of your invoice.

Including company and payment details. Simply add the recipient’s details and hit send. And reminder invoices can be sent with a single click.

Automatic tracking

Staying on top of who’s paid and who hasn’t is no longer a hassle.

Holvi automatically tracks it all by matching payments to invoices. So you won’t have to spend time on reconciling payments either.

Paperless bookkeeping

When invoicing, all the necessary information is automatically and securely stored.

Exactly where it needs to be. Easily share it with your bookkeeper/accountant whenever you need to.

Integrated business account

Invoicing works together with your Holvi business current account.

A secure account that follows the european wide IBAN-standard and has all the payment features of a traditional bank account.

Easy e-invoicing

Take advantage of our modern invoicing feature

Holvi supports the new invoicing standard, e-invoicing, so you can even more easily collect money from your digitally oriented customers. The e-invoicing standard is expanding in Europe and especially in Finland.


The Holvi invoicing tool is totally free for all Holvi users. But to become a Holvi user, you’ll need a Holvi business current account which has two pricing options.

Basic Account
Pro Account
Sending invoices



Track payments



Receiving money

0,50€ per transaction

50 transactions included
in monthly fee of 8€,
after that 0,50€ per transaction


How to use

Find out how to use Holvi with our Help Centre.
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Austria: +43 720 116 270
Germany: +49 30 568 37032
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