Online Store

Focus on doing what you love, not on building an online store. Set one up within minutes with Holvi.

Online Store

Start selling online now

1) Collect money from your customers digitally.

2) Included merchant account to receive money.

3) Sales info saved automatically for bookkeeping.

No technical skills needed

1) Set up a Holvi online store in minutes.

2) Ready to sell now, just add text and pictures.

3) Secure payment methods, no need for additional services.

Juha Heikkinen

Musician, host and entrepreneur

The best part is how simple it is to create and run an online store through a Holvi business current account. It’s super easy to use. Plus, Holvi’s customer support is amazing.


Pre-built online store

You don’t need any technical skills to set up your online store.

The techy stuff is already in place and you can start listing items and selling in minutes. Your store is also really easy to customise. Add your own pictures, company description and items to sell with just a few clicks.

Payment methods

Holvi’s online store has secure payment built-in so you won’t need to pay for any other service.

Your customers can use any major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, Discover and JCB). German, Finnish and Austrian-specific payment methods are also available.

Digital marketing features

Holvi’s online store also offers cutting-edge features.

When marketing with Google or Facebook, use advertising and tracking pixels with your Holvi online store simply by copying the codes across. You can also create your own discount promo codes for your own sales campaigns.

Paperless bookkeeping

Holvi automatically saves information for your bookkeeping.

No more having to reconcile each and every sale in your accounts. Every time you sell through your online store, receipts and transaction details are automatically stored and correctly categorised.

Comes with a merchant account

Holvi also provides a business current account that acts as a merchant account for your online store.

The account has all the payment features of a traditional bank account. It gives official account statements and follows European IBAN-standard so you can make bank transfers securely. You can also access other Holvi tools via the account.

Setup your own online store in few minutes!


Setting up your Holvi online store is completely free. Just pay a small commission on your online store sales. We strive to keep this lower than other online stores charge and, unlike others, we do not charge listing fees or additional payment processing fees.

To use the online store, You’ll need a Holvi business current account which has two pricing options, Basic and Pro.

Basic Account
Pro Account
Open and setup store



Monthly fee



Receiving money

3% of the sale amount

2,5% of the sale amount


How to use

Check how to use Holvi from our Help Center.
You can also contact us via email:
or via phone:
Austria: +43 720 116 270
Germany: +49 30 568 37032
Finland: +358 75 325 2935